Getting Clear on Your 2019 Focus

Hello there February!!!

January is gone and likely so is the "motivation" that came with it.
But when motivation ends commitment begins.
Commitment isn't as sexy or fun as motivation... but it gets results. Commitment means you do things even when you don't "feel" like it, even when you're not in the mood... and it is the true key to having success in any area. That grit, that doing the thing even when you don't feel like it, will lead to the growth and result you really want. Taking the "emotions" out of the way - don't get me wrong emotions can be good but they don't always move you in the direction you want to be going. Grab a journal and a pen. Like actually DO IT NOW.
Then continue reading (and doing the following)

SO what you're committed to this year!!??

What are the most important things? (write it down)

What are all the things you want to do over the next 11 months??

Sit down and do a giant brain storm- get all those amazing ideas of what you want for your life out of your head and onto a paper.

First start with yourself...
What do YOU want to accomplish in terms of your health/fitness, self care, mindset, finances, giving back, home projects, how do you want to grow yourself this year? What do you want to learn or practice?

Who are the most important people in your life? Do you want to plan some fun activities/adventures with them? What are some improvements you want to make in your relationships? What might that look like?

What major projects or goals do you have in terms of your professional life? Do you want a raise? To develop new skills, a new role, network more, start a side hustle, work more, work less?

DO NOT edit yourself or censor yourself. And don't try and figure out HOW to do the things... just get everything out of your head and onto a paper.

Step 2: Revising & Editing.
You can do ANYTHING but you can't do EVERYTHING

A huge problem is taking on too much, diluting your focus or spinning your wheels without meaningful progress. When we take on too much or haven't determined our focus we tend to be scattered and overwhelmed.

Try and narrow your focus onto the critical few things that will make this year amazing, that you’re committed to making happen now. This can be tricky, consider the following questions:

What projects will give you the most meaningful results?

What do you really want your life to be about this year?

How do you want to spend your time over the next 11 months? (cause it goes fast!)

Who do you want to become?

If you are still having trouble cutting back your list, use the following filters: (and remember taking it off this year's list doesn't mean its gone forever!)

> What is the payoff for making this project happen?
The impact for reaching the goal? Mentally, emotionally physically financially etc

>How does this project ultimiately benefit others – how does it benefit the people in your life?

>Who will you have to become in order to make the goal/project a reality? What habit, skill character traits etc will you have to develeop to reach the goal.

Cross the things out! It doesn’t mean you’ll never do it – but it means you are not taking it on this year.

There’s no perfect # of projects/plans/goals, because we are ALL unique!
But generally… less is more ;) Cut the list back, get focused. Simplifying is so energizing and liberating.

Then transfer all things into your calendar… because if its not scheduled its not real. What are the steps you need to take and when, get it in there! Also write the big goals/focus somewhere you will see it DAILY like every day - to remind yourself where you’re going, and what you’re working toward…. because like we established in the beginning… motivation will fade… so you need to remember what your’e committed to and why… so you can power through the tough days and create the life you want.

You have greatness within you

Happy New Year!
See you on your mat
Love, Meg