namaste north is here for you. we provide a client centered, community approach to achieving your wellness goals and living your best life. with a side of fun & heaps of realness.                              

your community is here.




to stretch and heal.



 to strengthen and tone.

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to feel amazing in your life.


for people who believe that growth happens outside their comfort zone, and for people who want to feel and look amazing in their bodies and minds, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. lose weight. decrease chronic pain. get your mind right. enjoy the magic of movement. be surrounded by others that want to live an amazing life. for people who understand there’s no such thing as a quick fix and are ready to put in the work to change their lifestyle, and have a bit of fun along the way. we provide quality instruction in movement by teachers that walk their talk. we believe in authentic connections. radical inclusivity (means all are welcome… young, old, fit, unfit.. you get it)  in growing together. having integrity. and that we rise by lifting others.

we provide a combination of traditional yoga practices AND modern movement philosophy. no dogma. just the best in physical, emotional and mental well-being. we teach on movement, mindset, and nutrition which we believe is the most solid foundation for overall health. (how you move, how you fuel yourself, and what you think)
we build strong relationships with our students because there is no one size fits all approach that works. we want to know you and help you with whatever goal or challenge you’re facing.

we can’t wait to sweat with you soon!


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